Felix, The Cat Employed By A UK Train Station, Has Just Received A Promotion

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InWest Yorkshire, England, a female cat who goes by the name of Felix, works at Huddersfield train station, chasing pests off the train platforms.The adorable cat has been chasing rodents and pigeons for a few years now, making sure thattrain services go as smoothly as possible.When they first adopted the 11-week-old kitten, staff thought she was male so gave her the name Felix, but they've kept it anyway.The female cat was adopted in 2011 and has never looked back. Well, she's never left her post.


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In fact, on February 2nd, the train station managers decided to offer Felix a promotion for her five loyal years of service. The cat now has the official title of "Senior Pest Controller" and has also been given a new high-vis jacket.


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The ultimate perk of her new promotion though, has to be her new designated cat flap. It's got her name on it as well as a very accuratedrawing of her. Now she can easily slinkonto the platforms to chase away those pesky pests.


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Chris Bamford, one of the Customer Services Assistant at the train station, told theDaily Mail:

The promotion is just a nice appreciation of Felix's work. It is a reward for nearly five years of service. Her presence just brings a smile.

Source : @Charlotte Graham / Asadour Guzelian

Since the start of the month, Felix's fame has gone off the wall: the cat's promotion has been purradedacross newspaper headlines all over the world, even as far asAsia.HerFacebook pagenow has over 45,000 likes!

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"Felix is part of the family here, although she does like to think that she runs the place", addedChris Bamford.

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