Father Finds A New Reason To Live After His Son's Death By Caring For 300 Rescued Cats


Chris Arsenault's son sadly passed away in a car accident. The 58-year-old retiree was devastated and felt the need to dedicate his time and spirit to a good cause, in order to help him cope with the loss. Today he lives with 300 cats that he rescued himself, and takes care of them all daily.


Source : CBS New-York 

His property inMedford, close toNew York, became a sanctuary, and is called the Happy Cat Sanctuary. his home and garden have been completely adapted to the kitties'needs and comfort.The American built them little boats and towers to climb and spends more than $1000 weekly to feed and take care of them.


Source : CBS New-York

This is a radical change of lifestyle for all the rescued cats, who were all victims of abuse and negligence or abandonment. Chris has been giving his life to them for the past ten years, and helping the animals has in turn helped him to heal his internal wounds.


Source : CBS New-York

Neighbors call him "The Cat Man", and he relies mostly on donations to keep his sanctuary running, and says he is nourished by unconditional love that he receives from his feline friends. Chris' story is proof that pet therapy is a legitimate way of treating depression, loneliness and other emotional traumas in humans. Four-legged friends love without asking questions.


Source : CBS New-York

H/t: CBS New-York