Family Finds Surprising Adventurer In The Weirdest Place (Video)


Australians are very used to finding things under the toilet seat. All manner of creepy crawlies end up there, which is why many advise to check under the lid and seat before sitting down - no-one wants a�� spider bite on their bum! However, one family found something a bit less scary in their toilet, writesThe Dodo.After hearing noises coming from their bathroom early one morning, a family found a female brushtail possum in the toilet bowl! Apparently the intrepid, furry explorer had crawled through the plumbing to finally reach the surface. called Melbourne-based company, Nigel's Animal Rescue and Pest Control, who were very amused at the scene they found when they reached the house. In a Facebook post describing the rescue on their page, they said:

This little guy has gotten himself in a position [...]This little fella found himself exhausted after traveling up through the plumbing and into the toilet bowl., the little animal didn't have to stay in the loo for too long! After being fished from the porcelain prison and dried off, she was taken to Pascoe Vale Wildlife Shelter to recover from her soggy adventure.Sharing a cage with another rescued possum, she will be released back into her home in the wild as soon as she's well enough. That should be soon - according to a spokesperson for the wildlife center, she wasn't injured during her escapade. for her rescuers, they are only glad that the man who found her "looked down before he sat down"!

H/t: The Dodo

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