Exhausted, This Severely Injured Stray Dog Wouldn't Let Anyone Get Close


On March 28, a new video was posted on the Youtube channel for the Indian rescue organizationAnimal Aid UnlimitedA stray dog suffered from a serious wound on his head which had started to become infected. Without wasting a second, the volunteers decided to intervene. Sadly, the animal, while starving, was extremely frightened and didn't let them approach.So that he didn't run away, one of the rescuers tempted the dog with pieces of biscuits, but in vain. While he didn't run, the dog refused to let himself be touched.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

He seemed to be suffering enormously, and his movements were irregular and shaky. As a last resort, they decided to catch him in a net, which made him panic and attempt to free himself. But after a few seconds, he calmed down, and the rescuers managed to reassure him.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Once at the associations sanctuary, rescuers started by cutting the fur around the wound and applying a powder to kill the maggots which were eating away at his skin. A few hours later, they gave him anesthesia and cleaned the laceration, and the dog, who they decided to call Jay, could start his healing process.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Scared, starving and injured in the streets, his chance of survival were slim. But thanks to the volunteers at Animal Aid, he was rescued just in time. Six weeks after they took him in, Jay had transformed.His wound had scarred over, and the rescuers at the sanctuary gave him all the love and attention he needed to recover physically and psychologically. He is still very shy, but definitely thankful for everything they've done.


Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Jay's rescue shouldn't overshadow that heartbreaking daily life of the over 30 million other stray dogs in India. Thankfully, rescue associations are working every day to help them. The largest, Animal Aid Unlimited, takes in hundreds every year. To support them, click here.Watch the full rescue video below:(Caution: Graphic images.)[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvLnDsUBnBo[/embed]

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