Exhausted Elephant Gets The Most Moving Goodbye After Lifetime Of Suffering

Sao Noi was 60 years old when she was rescued from a camp in Thailand, where she had been cruelly exploited for tourist rides for many years. The elephant was forced to carry tourists on her back all day long, causing terrible damage to her health and making her extremely thin.


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Once she was freed, the elephant was taken to Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary, where she was fairly treated and free to do as she pleased for the first time in her whole life.

Sao Noi quickly became friends with the other elephants at the sanctuary and discovered the pleasures of the forest, which would become her favourite place.


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Sadly, the elderly, well-worn elephant fell ill after just a few weeks. After years of exploitation, her body was weak and her health rapidly deteriorating.

She passed away at the beginning of July, surrounded by the staff at the sanctuary and her new best friend Boon Thong, who stayed by her side through her last few hours and kept her company until the very end.


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"With her eyes closed, she let out a deep and long purr," wrote one of the centre's employees in a blog article dedicated to Sao Noi.

I sat with her, stroking her and told her over and over how very loved she was. I closed my eyes and listened to everything she was listening to.


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After her death, Sao Noi was buried in the forest, the place she loved the most. Her body was placed in a large tomb full of fresh fruits and flowers in honour of the animal. Monks came to pray beside her and bless her body.

Even in this sad moment, the staff at the sanctuary tried to remain positive:

I miss her so much, but I am also filled with a sense of relief for Sao Noi. She is no longer trapped in this life that wore down her body and broke her spirit. She is well and truly, free...

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