Ex-Soldier Risks His Life To Save A Dog Trapped In A Combat Zone

It was a mission unlike any other that this former American soldier was getting ready to fulfill in a region of the Middle East kept secret for security purposes. The object of this delicate operation? A large, white dog, all alone. She is the sole survivor of a group of canines who wandered near the American military base. All the others had been killed by inhabitants of the village, who considered them as pests.


Source: Guardians of Rescue

The soldiers took it upon themselves to help the escapee - nicknamed Ghost - giving her food and keeping her inside their encampment. But this solution could only be temporary; staunch in their decision not to abandon the animal, who would most certainly die without their help, the young men put together a strategy to take her away from danger for good.

Robert Misseri, founder of the animal protection organization Guardians of Rescue, described to The Dodo: 

They can't move around or go to certain locations. They're constantly at risk. The only way to do it is to send somebody trustworthy and someone who has the experience.

Source: Guardians of Rescue

By chance, the association had just the man for the job: one of their volunteers is a former special-ops soldier, whose name has to remain a secret so he can complete his mission.Paradoxically, the rescue of the dog is far from being the simplest operation the ex-soldier has ever completed. Robert Misseri explains:

He is always in danger being there because if the wrong people found out that he's an American and he's bringing a dog back for our U.S. soldiers, that's a recipe for disaster.

Source: Guardians of Rescue

The soldiers will choose a meeting spot where he will come get Ghost. Once he recuperates the pup, he will stay walled up in a hotel until his flight for the U.S.But that won't be easy either: for legal reasons, dogs coming from this region cannot land in London. They need to take alternate routes and avoid certain airlines.

The American soldiers at the Middle Eastern base were nervous and hoping with all their heart that the mission would be a success. If that was the case, Ghost would be able to start her new life with one of the sergents from the base, who will adopt her. 


Source: Guardians of Rescue

This unit could never be the same after having this new companion in their lives if they had to leave him behind. They know what would happen to her. 

Luckily for all involved, Ghost made it home to the U.S. on November 3. When Sergent Cox returns home to the U.S., he will find the lovable pup at his wife's side ready to greet him.


H/t: The Dodo