Europe's Oldest Chimp Coco Celebrates 58th Birthday with Treats


Coco, the oldest living chimp in Europe, recently celebrated her 58th birthday with some delicious treats. Coco has been a resident at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire since 1969, and according to her keepers, she has been a valuable contributor to breeding programs. In fact, she is the mother of six children, grandmother to 19, and great-grandmother to three.

On her birthday, Coco was treated to a selection of her favourite vegetables, oat-filled branches, and a fruit tea ice-block. Visitors and staff members at the zoo love Coco, who is considered a popular chimp. Amanda Addison, animal team manager of great apes at the zoo, remarked, "Everybody absolutely adores Coco, and we are extremely proud of her and everything she has done for her species."

Coco's birthday celebrations lasted throughout the weekend, and she was able to share her treats with her fellow chimpanzees. The oldest chimp at the zoo, Coco is 17 years older than her son Jambo, who is 41, and 42 years older than her great-grandchild Tuli, who is 16. Chimpanzees are an endangered species, and their average lifespan in the wild is around 15 to 30 years. In captivity, the average lifespan is somewhat longer at 30-40 years.

Coco, the oldest living chimp in Europe, recently celebrated her 58th birthday.

In 2017, a chimpanzee who died in her late 70s at a Florida safari park was believed to have been the world's oldest chimp in captivity. Nevertheless, Coco is still a significant age compared to other chimps. However, the oldest living animal in the world is not a chimp, but a giant tortoise called Jonathan. Jonathan is believed to be at least 190 years old and lives on the remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

It is heartening to see that Coco has been well taken care of and has lived a long life at the zoo. Coco's longevity can be attributed to the fact that she has been well taken care of, and the zoo has made every effort to provide her with a suitable environment. Twycross Zoo, in particular, is known for its excellent care of primates, and the zoo has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to animal welfare.

Coco's 58th birthday is a significant milestone and a testament to the care and dedication of the zookeepers at Twycross Zoo. The zoo is committed to the welfare of its animals, and Coco is a prime example of this commitment. The longevity of Coco is a remarkable achievement and is a result of the excellent care provided by the zoo. It is a reminder that we need to protect endangered species like the chimpanzee, and we must make every effort to ensure their survival.