Euro 2016: 3 Videos That Prove Dogs Are Truly Football's Biggest Fans


With the Euro 2016 festivities about to begin, it's important to remember that we humans are not the only sporting fans. We have put together three of the best videos of dogs who love football just as much as us, and are probably better than us too!

1. No surprises here: the world's best four-legged footballer is Brazilian!

He has better skills than most of us. In fact, this 'Ronaldog' is probably the best player in the canine world! Obviously, he is Brazilian.

Quand ton chien vient "do brasil" !Posted by La beauté du Football on Thursday, January 14, 2016

2. And when they aren't playing football themselves, they are its greatest supporters.

At least, that's the case with this Portuguese pup who cheers along with his team and goes wild when they score against the USA at the last World Cup.

3. But sometimes they are so enthusiastic that it starts to get in the way a bit...

Like this dog who stormed the pitch during a Copa Libertadores match in Venezuela a few weeks ago. Obviously very excited to be involved in the match, he takes over the pitch, jumping with joy at every player he comes across![embed][/embed]