Escaped From A Nightmare Breeder, This Adorable Cat Had To Have Her Nose Removed


Dogs aren't the only ones exploited for reproduction. Athena is the sad proof.This beautiful cat was born in a puppy (and kitten) mill in North Carolina, where traffickers kept dozens of animals who they made reproduce non-stop to sell their babies.


Source: Youtube / HSUS

In the U.S., no laws regulate dog breeding; that's why the unfit owner of Athena was able to do what he did for several years without punishment, despite a previous conviction for animal cruelty.


Source: HSUS

Thankfully, the organizer of this dark trafficking was once again arrested, permitting the Humane Society of the United Statesto intervene and seize the animals. Once onsite, volunteers at the NGO discovered with horror the deplorable conditions in which they were forced to live.Everything was shrouded in darkness, in ramshackle cages, covered in excrement and fur. The room was so full of dust that it was difficult to breath.Among the rescued animals, Athena was the one whose health had suffered the most. At the moment of her rescue, she suffered from grave respiratory problems caused by the lack of hygiene and the stress of her repeated pregnancies.


Source: HSUS

These problems persisted even after her rescue, and started to worsen. Barely able to breath, the feline was in critical condition. The first veterinarian who examined her was clear: she had no chance of recovery, and euthanasia must be considered.Devastated by this verdict, Samantha Miller - spokeswoman for the HSUS- succeeded in obtaining another medical opinion. According the the second vet, Athena could only survive if they removed her nose. She would be able to breath easier, despite the "strange appearance" it would give her.But that didn't matter toDani Ellis, a young animal lover who had always wanted to adopt a cat, gave the green light. Since the surgery, Athena has been able to manage her condition and live a normal life. Forced to breathe through the nose, her tongue is always out, but she no longer suffers.


Source: HSUS

In Dani's loving apartment, Athena - who is according to her "the most affectionate cat she knows" - still lives with dogs; in much better conditions now. The lovely cat has become a symbol of the fight against the breeding of cats.


Source: HSUS

You can also contribute to the fight against the horrors of "puppy and kitten mills" by making a donation to the Humane Society of the United States, here. In the meantime, here is a magnificent video on the history of Athena:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VRjm5zFqBE[/embed]

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Image de couverture: Youtube/HSUS