English Police Puppy Is Named Diesel After The French Police Dog Killed During A Raid In Paris

This is another wonderful tribute to Diesel, the French special forces dog who was tragically killedduring a raid following the terror attacksin Paris lastNovember. The Brits have justawarded the dog who died in action with the most supreme military honour. But that's not all they are doing to honour Diesel.Yesterday, theNorth Yorkshire police dog sectionannounced that they had named their newest recruit, "Diesel".https://twitter.com/NYorksPolice/status/684730414431387652?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwOn their Twitter account, the UK police confirmed:

The North Yorkshire Police Dog Section named this new puppy Diesel in honour of the dog killed in the Paris attack. 

This four-month-old Belgian Shepherdonly joined the policeteam a couple of weeks ago and he is just about to start his training.https://twitter.com/NYPDogSection/status/673167258068348928?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwSergeant Simon Whitby explainedthe police department's decision in an official announcement:

Diesel's death hugely upset all of us and so continuing his name is a beautiful way to honour his memory.

Source : @Twitter

At the beginning of December, Russia also paid tribute to Diesel by giving a police puppy named Dobrynya to France.

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Andrea A.