English Bulldog Puppy Goes Bonkers When She Feels Raindrops For The First Time

Andrea A.

Sometimes life can throw you curveballs. Like for this adorable 13-week-old puppy who has just felt rain for the first time. What on earth are these flying wet things? Shelby has come to question everything in her existence after her run-in with the wet weather.


Source: @YouTube

She has no clue how to react. Is she meant to eat them? What happens to them when they hit the ground? So. Many. Questions.Her human is probably having a right giggle at her expense and she is not impressed.


Source: @YouTubeWe hope that next time, this adorable English Bulldogis a little more prepared for the rain. But for now, she's one very confused pup.Watch the hilarious video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE2gwFFZ37c

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