Emotional Support Peacock' Barred From United Airlines Plane For Being Too Big

Andrea A.

Ventiko, a Brooklyn based artist was refused access onto aUnited Airline plane because of her therapy peacock, Dexter. The young woman even had to buy a ticket for him, but in vain. The airline stands by its decision.

Source: The Jet Set

United Airline said the the bird didn't meet the required weight and size criteria to be able to board the plan, only letting her know once she'd arrived at the airport in Newark, New Jersey. After six hours, Ventiko and Dexter finally decided to drive to their intended destination instead of fly there.Ventiko explained that Dexter "really changed [her] life in a positive way".She originally bought Dexter and a peahen called Etta for an art installation. She later found them a new home from which Etta and her offspring disappeared. The loss greatly affected Dexter and upon hearing about this, Ventiko took him back.

Source: The Jet Set

This isn't the first time an airline company has turned away a passenger with a therapy animal.Airlines have allowed some passengers in the past with emotional or psychiatric problems to take therapy animals on board with them. However,the number of emotional support animals has been rising in recent years which leaves airlines wondering if people are abusing the system.In 2014, a woman was escorted off a US Airways flight when her pig, named Hobie, defecated and squealed before the plane took off.

Source : BBC

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