Ellie The Elephant Was Abandoned By His Family, But He Found A Friend... In A Dog


Meet Ellie, the baby elephant who was abandoned at birth by his herd. Miserable and lonely, the baby elephant fortunately found a friend to help himthrough the tough times. And that friend was a dog!


Source :  Facebook

For months, the staff atThula Thula Rhino Orphanage (a rehabilitation centre for orphaned rhinos) tried desperately to raise hisspirits. But nothing worked, hewas truly heartbroken.Karen Trendler, one of the shelter volunteers, then had the idea to introduce Ellie toDouma,a gorgeous German Shepherd who also lived in the centre.


Source : Facebook

No one ever expected the pair to hit it off so well... The two are virtually inseparable and Ellie is swinging histrunk like never before.


Source : Facebook

Watch this video to see their extraordinary friendship:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFpk448qjKQ[/embed]We hope Ellie and Douma remain best friends forever!

Featured image : New Dog World

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