Elephant In Zambia Cries Out To Villagers To Help Save Her Baby Stuck In Hole

Andrea A.

A 3 week old baby elephant was found trapped inside a pit in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Unable to escape, his mother couldn't help either, leaving him totally powerless. It wasn't long before the local villagers heard the cries coming from his mom and came to the rescue with a team from Conservation South Luangwa (CSL). A vet and park rangers were also on the scene.

Source: Conservation South Luangwa

Once the mother had been tranquilized, Rachel McRobb, co-founder of CSL, said:

I jumped in the pit with the baby and got three scouts to help lift him out ...they then carried him over to his mum before we woke her up.

Source: Conservation South Luangwa

The baby elephant ran straight towards his mother and stayed there until the vet woke her up with an antidote for the tranquilizer. When she awoke, he immediately went to suckle, clearly hungry from not feeding all night. Rachel said:

The most emotional part of the rescue for me was twofold — first watching the baby stand right by his mum while our vet gave the antidote, and secondly the smiles on the faces of everyone who helped.

Source: Conservation South Luangwa

If you wish to donate to this wonderful organisation, please click here.

Source: Conservation South Luangwa

H/t : The Dodo

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