Elderly Dog Discovers The Joy Of Playing For The Fist Time


It's incredible how much a little love can change an animal. When Benji was living in a French shelter, he was despondent. He barely moved and the 11-year-old Griffon-mix looked like he was ready to give up.Flash forward to a month later, and he is running, jumping and playing, all thanks to one family's decision to take in the elderly dog.


Source: Patricia C.

Patricia and her family know the importance of adopting older pets. She explained to 30 Million d'Amis:

I wanted to give a chance to a senior dog so that he could finish his life in a warm bed and know the happiness of having a family, like everyone. 

As soon as they spotted Benji, they knew he was the dog for them.When they brought him home he was hesitant and calm, but had no desire to play. After a month of love and care, he was like a puppy again.


Source: Patricia C.

He has made friends with the other animals of the household:one dog and three cats. Benji loves playing hide and seek with his humans in the garden and rolling around on the couch.This miraculous change is what all elderly dogs deserve, and 30 Million d'Amis sponsors a program called "Operation Seniors" to cover the cost of veterinary care for older dogs who've been adopted, up to 600 euros.

In the eleven years that the program has been around, they have managed to save 5800 dogs. If Benji's adorable face doesn't convince you to adopt a senior, maybe the words of Patricia will:

Give them a chance, offer them a happy retirement... It's priceless and they will reward you just as much as a puppy. Older dogs are darling! 

If you would like to contribute to the amazing work that 30 Million d'Amis is doing you can donate to their cause here.

H/t: 30 Millions d'Amis