Dying From Hunger, This Incredible Dog Pulled Through. Now She Is Looking For A Forever Home


Last August, theGhetto Rescue FFoundation found this dog on the sidewalk in Los Angeles.Nobody thoughtshe would make it.


Source: @GRFF/ YouTube

She was in a terrible condition, weighing half of what a dog should weigh, and infested with parasites. The poor pup looked like she'd been there for a while.Her name comes from the heart-shaped marking on her coat: they called the dog Spirit Golden Heart.


Source: @GRFF/ YouTube

And this dog was certainly spirited. Despite the fact she was seriously underweight, she was still adorable. GRFF volunteer Alicia Featherstone told ABC7: "She looks up at you with those eyes and you know she wants to fight".Spirit was given special care by a local hospital, and her medical fees were generously waived. In particular, the nonprofit Stand Up For Pits donated $1000 to her care. Thedog managed to gain five pounds.Though it hasn't been an easy recovery, Spirit has gained a lot more weight while living at her foster home. In fact, she is going from strength to strength.BarkPost reports that she loves carrying a rake around in her mouth, while she detests brooms, shovels and toilet seats! She certainly has some particular tastes for a dog.


Source: @GRFF/ YouTube 

Since arriving at the foster home, Spirit has been enjoying her leisure time, though they still don't know why she was in such a devastating condition when they found her.There's no doubt that Spirit is a strong dog. She is a lot happier now, and so much improved from when she was found on the streets!


Source: @GRFF

Now she is just looking for a forever home.Rebecca Corry from Stand Up For Pits says: "I want her to find a perfect and loving home where she can live out the rest of her life with a full belly and tons of love."


Source: @GRFF

If you have been touched by Spirit Golden Heart and her heart-shaped mark, you can have a look at her adoption listing.Or you can support her rescuers at the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation here.

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