Dying Dog Was Meant To Be Euthanised Until She Met This Kind-Hearted Man

Marcie is a 12-year-old mixed breed who was found roaming the streets of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. At the end of January, animal control found the female strayand brought her into Kenton County Animal Shelter.


Source: @LisaBinnsShelterDogPhoto

One of the volunteers at the shelter, Bill Baker, took her to the vet where they soon discovered the old dog had cancerous tumours all over her body.In an interview with ABC News, Baker told them about the poor dog's state:

Her fur had been eaten off by fleas and she's also blind... She would've been euthanized.

Bill Baker is 71 years old and has been volunteering for his localanimal shelter for three years. He knew that Marcie had five days "holding period" at the shelter before she was sent to the pound to be euthanised.


Source: @LisaBinnsShelterDogPhoto

But something about the senior dog struck a chord with him and he knew he had to take her home with him where he already has three shelter dogs.

It was love at first sight. In spite of all the adversity she has, she has a very sunny disposition. I think dogs can smile and she can smile.

Source: @LisaBinnsShelterDogPhoto

Elizabeth Cochran, director of the Kenton County Animal Shelter told ABC News:

I think because he's the wonderful man that he is, and he felt a special connection with her, he'll help her live out her life in a special way with him and his wife and the other shelter dogs he's adopted from here.

Indeed, Marcie is now able to live out her days in the comfort of a loving home surrounded by the warmth of her saviour Baker and his wife, and three other canine companions!"She just warms my heart," Baker finished.


Source: @LisaBinnsShelterDogPhoto

You can help give more senior dogs like Marcie a peaceful end to their lives by adopting them from your localshelter.