Dying Dog Is Carried Down The Aisle At His Human's Wedding

Kelly O’Connell and James Garvinof Denver, Colorado, tied the knotin the beginning of the monthin a beautiful wedding ceremony. One very special part of the ceremony was having the bride's 15-year-old black Labrador, Charlie, be there for the occasion.


Source: Jen DZ

Charlie had been battling with a brain tumour for several months and was very weak, but he still made it to his human'swedding. The couple are both veterinarians and it meant the world for them to have their animals involved.


Source: Jen DZ

Charlie was walking down the aisle with O'Connell's sister and maid of honour, Katie Lloyd, when he began to slow down - he was too weak to walk the distance. So Lloyd picked him up and carried him down the aisle, putting him next to his human to share inher special moment. O'Connell told ABC News:

Both of us just dropped to our knees and started crying. He was a very sweet dog. He loved everybody, but I was definitely his person.

Source: Jen DZ

Jen Dziuvenis, a family friend and wedding photographer, captured the emotional moments on camera. She had trouble shooting because everyone was so emotional, but she said:

I was like, ‘I have to keep shooting even though I’m in a puddle of tears behind the camera.'

Source: Jen DZ

Charlie must have been waiting for one last special memory with his human, because he died on September 9, just a few days after the wedding. Dziuvenis' photos quickly went viral and O'Connell will luckily always have these beautiful moments captured on film.


Source: Jen DZ