Dozens Of Animals Were Just "Massacred" At This Shelter And No One Is Talking About It

Andrea A.

The images will send a chill down your spine. On the night between January 16 and 17, around 30 or so guinea pigs and rabbits were killed at the French shelter, "la Ferme de Doudou,"located in Adge in the south of France.


Source: La Ferme du Doudou

"Thrown like old tennis balls"

One or more individuals snuck ontothe property and killed 34 animals. Andrée Chatelet, the founder of the sanctuary which takes in the abandoned animals, is in total shock. Interviewed byMidi Libre, she explained:

All have the same injuries, spine fractures and burst internal organs. I took them to a veterinarian who autopsied two of them. All the others are in the same state. All of these animals were picked up by the fur and thrown like old tennis balls, breaking their necks.

Source: La Ferme du Doudou

Early in the morning on January 17, some of the surviving animals were found to also possess signs of abuse. Among them, Rosalie, a little female guinea pig was found with her fur ripped out. "I found several guinea pigs wandering, but safe and sound, other than a few who had fur ripped out, outside of the sanctuary in the vines," explained Andrée Chatelet. Another 15 were found also mutilated.


Source: La Ferme du Doudou

Shared on theirFacebook page, the photos of the massacre incited the anger and heartbreak from people all over. "I am flabbergasted by what I just saw," commented Karine B. "I don't have words and I prefer to say nothing, otherwise I risk saying some bad things...," added Audrey O. "You have my complete support... I can imagine the shock, the trauma of this discovery, it's horrible! What despair in the face of such blatant cruelty...," said Coralie P.


Source: La Ferme du Doudou

As for the identity of the guilty parties, Andrée Chatelet has no idea who they could be, and she doesn't have any "enemies.""I refused to give give a ferret to man who threatened me and had very odd behavior. But I can't believe that he would take revenge on the animals for an adoption refusal. That's not possible," she explained.The police in Agde have taken on the case and came to note the damages and a count of the animal victims.


Source: La Ferme du Doudou

A petition in solidarity with the refuge 

A fund has been started on the platform Leetchi to financially support the shelter after the tragedy. As of January 17, they have received more than 4000 euros ($4200) has already been collected. To add your support, click here."Thank you so much for all of your support, I'm confused, horrified, and I don't have the words for this act of cruelty against all of the animals I saved, that we saved," added the founder of Ferme du Doudou in reaction to this wave of solidarity.