Dozens Of Animals Living In Urine And Excrement Just Escaped A Nightmare

Andrea A.

At the beginning of June 2016, the association Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, located in Nashville, Tennessee, were faced with a situation as tragic as it was revolting.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

One of the volunteers, originally from Oklahoma, contacted the organization to signal the urgence of the case. There were 35 dogs, Border Collie and Pyrenees dog mixes, left to themselves on a huge property. The owners had just died and someone - whose identity is unknown - threatened to have the animals killed, reportsThe Dodo.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

The volunteers at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue spent 10 hours on the road from Nashville to get to the property, where a horrifying spectacle awaited them. Jean Harrison, founder of the association, explained:

What we were told was that the dogs were very social, and they could essentially be lined up to be led away, but that’s not what happened. There was no order. The dogs were pretty much scattered throughout the property.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

The dogs were certainly friendly, but they refused to be captured. Volunteers spent several hours attempting to catch them. Once the animals were placed in the vehicle, they were urgently taken to get the veterinary treatment they desperately needed. The puppies were particularly in bad shape. Many suffered from malnutrition, dehydration and injuries from fighting – due to a lack of resources on the property.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

One of the puppies even suffered a heart attack, before being reanimated, and 23 of the animals left the site safe and sound. There are still 12 waiting to be saved, but sadly rescuers arrived too late for some of the dogs. There was a large pile of bones that attested to the tragedy these poor animals experienced over the course of the last few years.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Despite the ordeal, Jean is convinced that all of the surviving dogs will make incredible companions, once they have been properly socialized.

Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

To help the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, clickhereto make a donation!

H/t: The Dodo

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