Donkey Who Fell Into A 15 Foot Pit With No Way Out Rescued By Determined Volunteers

Residents of a small village in India noticed a donkey at the bottom of a 15 foot pit and, concerned for his safety, contacted Animal Aid Unlimited Indiawho quickly made their way to the animal's rescue.When they arrived, they discovered that the donkey had been involved in a fight, and had then somehow fallen into the open pit. Without any means of escape, the animal would have died of hunger if they rescue team hadn't arrived in time.


The volunteers faced a unique challenge, and had to find a way to lift the creature out of the 15 foot drop. They decided two lower two members of their team down into the hole with rope.


Once at the bottom, they secured the donkey and placed blankets on his back to prepare him for the journey up.The team of rescuers used all of their strength and gradually lifted the animal out of the pit, and once on the ground, they found him to be remarkably unscathed.


He had suffered bite wounds from the fight, but incredibly had no serious injuries from the fall.


Nonetheless, rescuers led the animal to their van and took him to their rescue center where they bandaged up the bite marks on his neck. Animal Aid described his recovery on their Facebook page:

The trusting cutie is now peacefully recovering from the wounds he sustained from the other donkey, and the trauma of such a close brush with disaster.

Watch the video of this amazing rescue below: can support Animal Aid Unlimited and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animals.

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