Donkey Breaks Out Into A Huge Grin After He Is Saved From Drowning In Flood

A few weeks ago, the UK was hit by Storm Desmond, which caused severe flooding and injured some people. A donkey was spotted drowning in the floods, but thankfully a rescuer saved him. And how did the donkey react? Well he just could not stop smiling.


Source: @AnimalHeavenAnimalRescue

The donkey was spotted in Kerry by a member of the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue team, who immediately called for help on Facebook. The local rowing club coach turned up with a boat and lifebuoy to put around the donkey and bring him to shore.


Source: @Facebook

After struggling to pull the donkey in, he finally made it to shore.


Source: @AnimalHeavenAnimalRescue

As the donkey realises he has escaped his terrible fate and his feet are on dry land, he appears to have a huge grin across his face.


Source: @AnimalHeavenAnimalRescue

The Animal Heaven Rescue Team posted pictures of the rescue on their Facebook page saying:

Never say something can't be done, just do it. Declan and Mike were beyond brave. So many people told me don't do it. It can't be done. You cant swim, you'll get killed. These two men just said 'ok girl, let's give it a go'. I love you both for what you did today. My hero's.

Source: @AnimalHeavenAnimalRescue

The rescue team have named the donkey Mike after one of his heroes. He ison the road to recovery and in very safe hands. The rescue team added:

He is now dried with towels, eating a hot mash, all cozy and warm and our vet has seen him and started him on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia. We loved every moment saving Mike and I think I speak for all of us, he was so worth the danger just to see his little face on dry land.

Source: @AnimalHeavenAnimalRescue

You can watch Mike's incredible rescue on their Facebook page here.

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