Dogs Who Spent 3 Years In Chains Can���t Stop ���Kissing��� Their Rescuers


While Hurricane Harvey brought destruction for many, for 2 dogs living in Fort Worth, it meant one thing; freedom. Their family, who had been keeping them chained up in their yard for 3 long years, finally gave them to a nearby rescue organisation.Milo and Princess, a pair of gorgeous Pit Bulls, had been living outside on a chain with only a couple of kennels for shelter. They were well known by The Abandoned Ones (TAO), a local shelter, who was working with their family to get them spayed and neutered, as well as off their chains and in the house, where they should have been.

Source: The Abandoned Ones

When news of Hurricane Harvey came, TAO made plans to go to Houston, knowing that there would be many animals who would need their help. However, many volunteers were worried about Milo and Princess. Fort Worth was sure to be hit and they weren't sure whether their family would take the dogs with them, or leave them to fend for themselves as many others did.Luckily, the pooches' former humans had their hearts in the right place; TEO got a call from them, asking them to take the pair and finally surrendering them. As volunteer Emily Walker told The Dodo, "they are finally free."

Source: The Abandoned Ones

TEO's founder, Judy Obregon, went to go and get the 4-legged-friends herself. Having seen the dogs several times, she was used to seeing them sad and forlorn, sat in their yard with only each other for company. But when she came to pick them up, the dogs immediately greeted her with enthusiasm, straining at their chains with their tails wagging.https://www.facebook.com/taoanimalrescue/videos/1526656260730911/When they got into Obregon's car, they couldn't stop showing their gratitude, giving her plenty of 'kisses'!

Source: The Abandoned Ones

Now Milo and Princess can run around all they like and will be made available for adoption soon, once they've recovered from their vaccinations and gotten used to life without chains.https://www.facebook.com/taoanimalrescue/videos/1550216015041602/If you would like to support The Abandoned Ones, you can visit their website and make a donation!

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