Dogs Refuse To Leave Their Human As He's Carted Off In An Ambulance


When one man in Chimbote, Peru, fell and hit his head, his faithful friends never left his side. In this instance the theywere of the canine variety, proving once again that dogs are man's best friend, reports The Dodo.


Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote

The dogs were waiting patiently next to their human for an ambulance to arrive. Once it did, the animals just hopped right into the vehicle with him.


Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote

They licked his face as he was laying getting treatment, always making sure that he was comfortable. When the ambulance got to the hospital, they even followed his stretcher inside.


Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote

One of the dogs got up and lay beside the man while the other watched over him.


Source: Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote

A hospital intern later posted a photo of the canines and their human with the caption, "Example of loyalty... the patients of the day."


Source: Joha Morillas Zapata 

These dogs show an incredible devotion to their human, and once again show the compassion of these animals is much more profound than we can ever imagine.Watch the full video below:

“SEGURIDAD CIUDADANA TRABAJANDO POR TU BIENESTAR”Posted by Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote on Monday, December 26, 2016

H/t: The Dodo