Dogs In Hot Cars Are In Extreme Danger. How To Best Help A Dog Trapped In The Heat

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Every year when it gets really hot, dogs tragically die from being left trapped in a vehicle.

There have already been many cases in the US which have caused great uproar, such as this dog who was trapped in the boiling heat of a car for hours while his owners went to the shopping mall.

Because it doesn't take much. In just 20 minutes, the temperature inside a car parked in the sun can reach 56°C - that's over 130°F.


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Parking in the shade or leaving a window open just isn't enough

In this kind of heat, dogs run the risk of a quick death.

As the air warms up, it becomes very difficult to breathe. It's a vicious circle: dogs will start breathing more quickly, breathing out hot, wet air and breathing in even hotter air.

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It will soon become impossible for the dog to regulate his body temperature, which will rise by the minute. His blood vessels will dilate, causing blood to build up in the brain. In just a few minutes, he risks cerebral oedema which can be fatal.

We'll say it again and again: parking in the shade or leaving a window partially open is just not enough to guarantee your pup's safety.


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If you come across a dog trapped in a car all alone during the summer heat, there are some things you can do to avoid disaster:

What to do if it's not an emergency and he's still breathing normally

If the animal doesn't seem to be badly suffering, is still breathing properly and showing no signs of anxiety, don't hesitate to call the police.


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What to do in an emergency and if the animal is already in danger

On the other hand, if the animal is already suffering when you notice (he's panting, howling, struggling or already struggling to breathe), you may decide to set him free yourself.

It is now legal in many US states to break into a car to save a dog suffering inside. This includes California, Florida, Maine, Ohio and Tennessee. 22 other states have laws which prohibit leaving animal in an unattended vehicle, but only law enforcement or animal control are allowed to break in.

According to UK laws, you may to cause damage to the owner's vehicle if you think he would consent to this damage in the circumstances.

But you must be aware that it may be considered criminal damage to break into the owner's car without proper justification. Use your own judgement to carefully evaluate the situation.

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What to do once you have freed the dog

Once you have got the dog out of the vehicle, get him into the shade straight away and give him some fresh (but not frozen) water, then wipe over his forehead, stomach and paws with a cold, wet cloth.

If he's in critical condition, get someone else to call for help while you carry out the emergency procedures.


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Watch this video from the Dogs Trust, one of the biggest animal protection organisations in the UK,to find out more about the dangers of the heat:[embed][/embed]

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