Dogs And Pigs Are BFFs - Here's Proof In 11 Pictures

Pigs are often victims to unfair stereotypes. But they're actually incredibly intelligent and affectionate animals. So it comes as no surprise that they get on so well with dogs!Both of them have a very strong sense of smell, they love cuddles and they are professional diggers.Here are 11 pictures showing how pigs and dogs are best friends forever, and ever.

1. "Wow, your cheeks are so smooth."


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2. Which one has more wee pitstops?


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3. A puppy with two piglets... Officially melting.


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4. These two are completely inseparable.


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5. This is the story of a dog who took in a piglet and raised it as her own...


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6. Pigs can take part in all the same activities as their canine buddies.


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7. Piglets are clearly pretty intriguing...


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8. "Hey, I wanna chew on that stick too!" 


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9. Now that's one cosy nap.


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10. Manni the wild pig loves running about with her Jack Russell friend.

Der circa fuenf Wochen alte Keiler Manni spielt am Sonntag (10.05.09) in Ehringhausen mit der Jack Russell Terrier Huendin Candy. Seit der Frischling Manni von einem Jaeger verlassen im Wald gefunden wurde, wird er von Hand aufgezogen und fuehlt sich in seiner neuen Rotte sauwohl. Foto: Sascha Schuermann/ddp

Source : @Spiegel

11. Sometimes, it's the dog who's first to admit defeat.


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Watch this video of another amazing friendship that knows no interspecies boundaries:[embed][/embed]

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