Dog Who Was Run Over By A Car Lay Freezing In The Snow Until Someone Stopped

Andrea A.

On January 11, Charlie, an adorable little dog, was violently hit by a car along a road in North Carolina. Severely injured, he just lay next to the road waiting to die, as the person driving the car did not even stop to check on the dog, reportsThe Dodo.


Source : Heather Russell

Luckily, two passers-by discovered the pup lying in the snow, hardly alive anymore. They put a blanket around him before another motorist stopped to help them take the animal to safety.


Source : Heather Russell

Without this intervention, Charlie would have undoubtedly died from the accident.The pup was taken to theAnimal Hospital Of Kannapolis, where a medical exam revealed he had a broken pelvis - a treatable injury but the operation wouldcost almost $4000. With such an expensive medical bill and his owner nowhere in sight, Charlie's options looked bleak.


Source : Heather Russell

But once again, luck was on the pup's side. A friend of one of the people who had found him started aGoFundMepage to collect the money for the dog's operation. More then 180 people came to Charlie's help. Heather Russell, a veterinary assistant at the clinic, could not hold back her emotion:

Honestly I'm speechless. I love animals and I rescue but to have so many people step forward to help him has been amazing. I can never thank everyone enough!

Source : Heather Russell

Charlie's operation was a success, but his road to recovery will still be long. Luckily, his future seems to be in good hands - numerous families applied to adopt Charlie once he will be better.


Source : Heather Russell

Sadly, the motorist who hit Charlie is not in any legal trouble. In fact, in North Caroline, there is no law stating that a motorist must stop after hitting an animal.


Source : Heather Russell

H/t : The Dodo