Dog Who Was Returned To The Shelter 10 Times Finally Finds Family Who Spoil Her

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Tyrella Frank and her best friend, Renee Bourne, were planning on adopting a black dog at a local shelter in San Antonio, Texas. But as soon as their eyes met Lady Cherie's, a golden Labrador mix who was missing the end of one of her paws, they completely forgot about the imaginary black dog they had so badly wanted, reportsThe Dodo.


Source : Ty Frank

Both women were instantly in love. But the feeling was not mutual to begin with... In fact, Lady Cherie was terrified of all humans. To try and win her trust, Tyrella and Renee decided to spend hours at her side, lying down with her. Finally, a miracle happened - the pup snuggled up to Tyrella, finally feeling comfortable and safe.


Source : Ty Frank

The dog's past is still a mystery, but judging from her physical and psychological state, it is clear that she was abused. When she was rescued, she was found covered in blood in an apartment, after just having giving birth to 12 puppies. Lady Cherie and her babies would undoubtedly have been euthanized if it were not for a shelter volunteer who did everything they could to save the little family.


Source : Ty Frank

The babies were sterilized as soon as they were of age, and then placed into loving families. But sadly, Lady Cherie and her medical problems were not so attractive to potential adoptive families.


Source : Ty Frank

The pup was adopted a grand total of tentimes, being brought back each time. It was also this sad story that pushed Tyrella and Renee to foster her - but after one week together, they decided to adopt her permanently.


Source : Ty Frank

Tyrella said:

She learned how to play in that week, and she learned what treats were. She started opening up and really learning how to be a dog, and learning that she didn't always have to watch her back all the time. It was really uplifting to see. She learned what love actually is.

Thanks to Tyrella and Renee's affection, Lady Cherie gradually recovered from her anxiety. Sadly, her health continued to deteriorate. She had urinary tract infections and her paw was badly injured, and soon it became so bad that she could no longer move.


Source : Ty Frank

The pup has been waiting ever since to be operated on, but Tyrella and Renee were not about to give up on her. The two women got hold of a wagon in which she lies when they go for walks, on top of a soft mattress and to her delight.


Source : Ty Frank

For the two women, a life without their adorable dog is unthinkable. Tyrella explained:

In the morning, when we get up, she's immediately happy. Her tail's wagging, and she's whining and talking to us. She can't walk, but she's still happy. Everything evolves around her, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Neither of us would. She's just worth it.

Source : Ty Frank

To follow her adventures, visit Lady Cherie's Facebook page!


Source : Ty Frank

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