Dog Who Was Mistaken For Dead Was Completely Unrecognizable Due To Neglect

When the SPCA in Buffalo, New York, was called to a house in December 2014 due to the body of a dog being found in the basement, there were so many red flags.When the volunteer showed up at the home, she could not identify the mass of fur that was balled up in a corner. She wasn't able to be certain it was a dog, and she also wasn't sure if she was dead or alive.


Source: SPCA Erie County

She was finally able to determine that it was in face a severely neglected Shih Tzu whose fur had grown and matted past the point of recognition, and who was unable to move.They rushed her to the veterinarian where they shaved and fed the starving pooch. It took two and a half hours to remove all the dreads, and they sedated the dog to avoid causing her more pain.


Source: SPCA Erie County

She went from 11 to 7 pounds, dropping 34% of her body weight in fur alone.


Source: SPCA Erie County

There had been twine wound around the senior dog's paw so tight that it had broken one of her toes.Both of the homeowners were eventually charged and plead guilty to animal cruelty. The woman was eventually sentenced to one year of probation and monitoring by the SPCA and was prohibited from owning an animal for one year.


Source: Buffalo News

The punishment seems lax in comparison with the crime she committed, but we can take comfort knowing the dog, who was later renamed Dori, has found a new forever home with a loving new mom.Watch the full video about Dori below:

H/t: Buffalo News