Dog Who Was Chained Up In The Yard For Years Didn't Know What Inside Felt Like

Cane loves humans, but humans have not always loved him back. The sweet dog was chained to a tree outside in the yardin North Carolina a few years ago and forced to stay there ever since, come rain or shine.


Source: Saving Chance

Animal lover Jamie Spencer did all she could to help when she heard about Cane's situation, such as buy a dog house, reports The Dodo. Sadly, she couldnever takeCane home with her.In July the owner of the house where Cane was chained up died, and the new owners said to Spencer that it was her responsibility to do something about the dog.


She knew that now was her chance to make a real difference in this pup's life. He never deserved to stay chained up outside for years - he deserved a warm, loving home with abed and the freedom to walk around.Spencer had previously worked with the nonprofit organisationAnimal Adoption League, so she contacted them to help with Cane's medical bills, treatment and release. It wasn't an easy task because the poor dog was suffering from a number of health problems after being outside for such a long time, and he was very nervous and shaken up for the same reason.


Kari Newton from the organisation told The Dodo:

The most heartbreaking issue at hand was that Cane was in a lot of pain and loved humans.

Thankfully, everything came together at the end of September. A foster home opened up in Virginia and volunteers got together to give the Pit bull a bath and transporthim to his new home.


He was finally unchained, and the feeling of freedom after so long must have been intoxicating. He then got a new name - he is now called Chance, because he was getting a second chance at life.There is still a long road before his skin, teeth and other problems are fixed. He needs to be neutered and have his heartworm treated, too.You can click here to help fund the pup's veterinary expenses.


As soon as he's well enough, one lucky family will be able to adopt this brave boy. His foster mom, Alissa Campbell, said he's adjusting well:

The tail just keeps wagging, and it looks as though he is smiling. He just wants love.

Spencer is over the moon that the dog she once was so worried about is now doing better. She said:

It makes me cry. I don't have to worry about him anymore.