Dog Who Lost All Her Fur To Mange Can't Stop Wagging Her Tail In Bliss After Rescue


You wouldn't recognize Pepper if you saw her now. Today she's a happy senior dog with glossy black fur, but only weeks ago, she was living on the streets in terrible circumstances.6 weeks ago, rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited got a call from a concerned citizen about a dog lying under a car in Udaipur, India. Not only was she homeless, but the dog was also suffering from severe mange, which had robbed her of her fur and was causing itchy scabs all over her body.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

Despite her pain, however, Pepper immediately proved that her harsh life hadn't affected her ability to trust. As soon as she saw her rescuers, her tail started to wag, and she happily approached the team for pets and food.At first, volunteers feared that the mange was too severe to treat and that she would die from her illness. But luckily, she had been found just in time and the Animal Aid team were able to take her and her happy tail to the organization's shelter.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

There she received treatment for her mange. For 4 weeks, she was given medicine for her infected scabs and a twice-weekly medicated bath to disinfect the rest of her body. She was also given shots for rabies, common diseases and spayed by the selfless team. Throughout the uncomfortable treatment, she was "the sweetest little patient" and never stopped thanking her rescuers with a wag of her long tail.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

Only 4 weeks later, sweet little Pepper looked like a different dog. With her fur grown back and her painful, itchy skin condition gone, Pepper was free to bound around Animal Aid's shelter, making friends, being fussed and showing everyone her playful and loving personality.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

If you would like to help support Animal Aid's work, you can donate to them via their website. You can also follow their rescues on YouTube.

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