Dog Who Is Afraid Of Baths Thinks Owners Are Too So Brings Favorite Toy To Reassure Them


Clark, a Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever cross is very similar to his fellow canine friends; he adores his owners, has a favorite toy that he never leaves and hates taking baths.Although these characteristics may seem common, Clark is in fact a very special dog.

chien peur bain

Source: Clarkthemini/Instagram

Last Summer, Clark and his owners moved into a new house, one with a bath. This was new for Clark who was used to being washed in a shower which was never a problem.His owner Rebecca said to The Dodo:

The bathtub is the bane of his existence.

He was clearly very nervous about his first bath and became convinced that just like him, Rebecca and her fiancé thought it was hell.

chien toiletteur

Source: Rebecca Jude Weaver

From that moment on, he has always accompanied his owners when they went to the bath. To comfort them, he sits on the side of the bath and watches them nervously. Rebecca said:

He wants to save us from the bath. He stays for a good five minutes. This is the torture part for him and he's super upset and sad.

But then he remembers something that might help ease the bath time woes for them, like it does for him when he's forced to take a dip: His favorite toy.

jouet pour chien

Source: Rebecca Jude Weaver

Each time they have a bath, he wanders off and when he returns, he is always with his toy. At first they thought it was a sign that he wanted to play with them but soon realised this wasn't the case after he refused to take the toy back until after they'd finished washing.This is the only time Clark is prepared to be apart from his favorite toy which makes the gesture all the more special.

Source: Rebecca Jude Weaver

If you want to keep up with Clark's adventures, you can follow his Instagram here.

H/t : The Dodo

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