Dog Suffers In Blistering 160 Degree Heat Of A Car Until Saviours Finally Arrive


While more and more American states are creating laws to help dogs in hot cars, it seems that some people still haven't taken note.So as the temperature in Sacramento, California, soared to 91°F on Thursday June 21, this poor little dog was trapped in the heat of a car, reports The Dodo.


Source: @Twitter/ SacFirePIO

Her owners had negligently left the dog in the overheating car while they went to the shopping mall, leaving a passerby to call for help when he noticed the suffering dog.Chris Harvey from the Sacramento Fire Department confirmed to The Dodo that the temperature inside the car had climbed to a sweltering 160°, branding it frankly "unacceptable".Harveycontinues sadly:

We go on these calls all summer long. Unfortunately people are not thinking -- or thinking they're hoping to be in and out in five minutes. 

Thankfully, the firefighters managed to get the dog out of the heat. Her owners were given a notice by security when they returned.


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With dogs risking illness and even death in such blistering conditions, it's so important to never leave a dog in a hot car.This dog was rescued just in time, but others are not so lucky.

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