Dog Stuck Hyperventilating In A Tar Drum For Days Was Found By Just The Right People


The rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited Indiagot word of a dog who was stuck in a tar drum.She was terrified and hyperventilating, after receiving severe burns from the hot tar and not being able to free herself. If she hadn't been found, she most likely wouldn't have survived much longer.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited 

Volunteers used an electric saw to remove the top half of the barrel, but they still couldn't get the dog out onsite. They comforted her as best they could, before bringing the whole drum with them to the sanctuary.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited 

When they arrived they covered her in vegetable oil to soften the tar which had completely hardened. Little by little, they removed the black mass prohibiting her movement. She was also extremely dehydrated and probably hadn't had any water in days.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited 

Even with the help of the oil, it took a while to liberatethe pooch from her tar prison, and over three hours for her to finally be able to stand again.Thankfully, their work paid off, and the pup, who they named Asha, meaning Hope in Hindi, was finally free.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited 

Now she looks like a completely different dog. Her burns have healed, and her true colors finally came out, referring to both her sweet personality and her white and brown fur.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited 

Animal Aid Unlimited rescues the dogs who don't have any other options. Without this incredible organization, so many animals would have perished.You can help them continue their work by donatinghereor volunteering to work with the animals in need if you happen to be in India.You can watch the full video below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3S2xmnVlG0[/embed]