Dog So Severely Neglected That She Lost All Her Fur And Her Skin Looked Like Stone


When Animal Aid Unlimited rescued Cherry, a stray dog, earlier in May, they immediately knew that she had endured a difficult life full of neglect.The animal was found alone and in a bad way on the streets of Rajasthan, India.

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

She hadn't been cared for in a long time and was suffering from such severe mange that the animal had completely lost her fur and her skin had become to harden and scab. Rescuers described how it looked like "barnacles."

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Cherry was severely malnourished after fending for herself on the streets. She needed urgent help so rescuers enticed her towards them with food and then secured her with a netso that they could rush her to their shelter, where the canine could finally get the care that she deserved.

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

The team commenced treatment for her severe skin condition straight away, thinking the road to recovery would be long and difficult.They began to softenthe scabs caused by mange with creams and lotions, and amazingly, within only days they began to disappear. As soon as Cherry was shown the love that she so desperately needed, she came on leaps and bounds with her recovery.

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Volunteers worked tirelessly and refused to give up on the brave dog, and thanks to their love and support, the special animal was able to make a full recovery.

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Now, she is completely unrecognizable from the weak, neglected dog she once was and has blossomed into a happy and healthy girl, ready to start her new life.

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Source: Youtube/Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch Cherry's amazing rescue video below:

[embed][/embed]If you would like to support Animal Aid Unlimited and help them carry out their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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