Dog Risked His Life Over And Over Again To Save His Friend Stuck On Railway


The pup had spent two entire days stuck on iron rails in the Ukraine.She was badly injured and unable to move. But luckily, Lucy was not alone - her best friend, Panda, was by her side like a guardian angel.


Source : Denis Malafeyev

Each time a train came by, Panda slid over to Lucy'sside, pushing her head down to the ground so that the train would pass above them.Together the duo cheated death dozens of times in these two long days - until someone finally came to help.


Source : Denis Malafeyev

On Christmas day,Denis Malafeyev received a call from a friend who told him that he had seen two dogs stuck in a dangerous situation on the railway tracks close to the Ukrainian village ofTseglovka. Denis immediately set out to find the pair, and was shocked when he found that not only did Panda protect his friend from each passing train, but also from humans who tried to get close to her. He said in a Facebook post:

Several attempts to remove the animal from the rail were in vain because the dog strongly defended her from us.

Source : Denis Malafeyev

Denis watched as another train came along and Panda ensured Lucy's head was tucked down so that the wagons wouldn't hit her. "He warmed her for hours," continued the post. By staying close to them for a long enough period of time, Panda started to trust Denis and he was able to get close to Lucy.He bundledboth dogs into his car and took them to a local animal shelter. The pups were taken in by the medical team and both are recovering well. As soon as they are healthy again, the dogs will be put up for adoption... Together, as it would seem that they are inseparable. Denis concluded:

It is great to think of the animals. But this is not my heroism. It is Panda's.

Source : Denis Malafeyev

H/t: The Dodo