Dog Reunited With Owner 3 Months After Hurricane Irma Thanks To SPA

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Brice had been living happily on Saint-Martin's island (in the Northern Part of the Caribbean) for 5 years when he had to abandon everything during Hurricane Irma. The storm devastated the area and parts of the United States at the end of August 2017.When boarding his plane to France as part of the evacuation, Brice had no choice but to leave his dog, Jahya, behind.

Source: SPA 

The animal was rescued by the SPA, the French equivalent of the British RSPCA, or American ASPCA.He was then transferred to one of the charities' shelters, in Guadeloupe. Brice, who has since been living in the south of France, said that he was finding life hard after leaving Jahya behind.At the beginning of September, he and his dog were at last reunited, thanks to the hard work and determination of the SPA, who organised his return to Orly.

Thousands Of Animals Left Abandoned In The Wake Of The Hurricane

Brice went to the airport with Daniel and Danielle, a couple who also had to give up everything to escape the storm, including their two dogs, Féline and Izzy.

Source: SPA

The particularly touching reunion of Bruce and Jahya was filmed by volunteers from the charity, who later posted them on the organization's Facebook page. Brice concludes:

My daughter couldn't wait to see her!

[embed][/embed]Following Hurricane Irma, thousands of animals were left homeless, abandoned by their families who had to evacuate. Several charities have done everything they can to help them.

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