Dog Lost For Weeks Finally Reunites With Her Human In Touching Video


Army Sgt. Elise Dahlberg had a difficult few weeks in November 2016, when her dog, Ginger, went missing in Sacramento, California.Her and her daughter feared the worst for their beloved pooch.After over a month of searching, Sgt. Dahlberg recognized the Queensland healeron the Front Street Animal Shelter website.


Source: Front Street Animal Shelter/Facebook

She went with her daughter to pick up the dog, only to be met with some bad news: Ginger had parvovirus, a disease which can often be deadly.The sweet pup had gotten sick while she was a stray, but thankfully, Front Street found her just in time.The dog needed extensive treatment which cost almost$1000.


Source: Front Street Animal Shelter/Facebook

Sgt. Dahlberg paid the bill, but she mentioned that Christmas was going to be a little tough this year for her kids.Gina Knepp, Front Street's manager, told Fox News Sacramento:

The woman paid her bill, which we love when people do. But she said, if my kids have to give up Christmas to save Ginger, that's just what we're going to have to do.

Source: Front Street Animal Shelter/Facebook

Moved by her love for her dog, Knepp and the other volunteers at the shelter decided to set up a collection, and asked people to donate to help the soldier with her bill.

A person in uniform, protecting our country, sick dog, Christmas, the child..it just tugs at your heart. [...] If we can help someone's life be better, as well as their animals ... that's a double-A plus.

Ginger is back home where she belongs, and she was so relieved to see her mom again.


Source: Front Street Animal Shelter/Facebook

If you would like to donate to the shelter to help dogs like Ginger, you can do so,here.Watch the moving reunion below:

A beautiful reunion <3Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger on our website – and you can see how happy both she and her family were to be reunited. Unfortunately she got parvovirus while she was stray. This disease can be lethal, but we were able to find treatment soon enough, and it looks like she’ll make a full recovery now that she’s back in her loving home.Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

H/t: Fox News Sacramento