Dog Left Bound With His Mouth Taped Shut Still Refuses To Lose Faith In Humans


Carlos Carrillo and his co-worker were on their way to a plumbing job inRobstown, Texas, when they happened to spot something which caught their attention.

Source: Carlos Carrillo

They put the car in reverse and slowly backed up towards the figure hiding in the grass. It was a dog.The plumbers walked over to take a peek and were horrified to see that the poor animal's mouth was duct taped shut and his paws were bound with plastic tubing.

Source: Carlos Carrillo

It was pretty obvious that whoever did this to the poor pooch had not intended for him to be found alive. They quickly got to work cutting his ties.Despite the traumatic incident, the dog seemed friendly and affectionate. Carrillo toldThe Dodo:

He seemed OK. He was very loving and liked the attention. He was probably just there for a day or so.

Source: Carlos Carrillo

They rushed him over to a local shelter,Peewee's Pet Adoption, where they gave him a thorough medical examination. Thankfully, the adorable canine will be just fine, he has heartworm and is a bit shaken up, but otherwise healthy.

Look at that face. He knows he was saved!

Source: Carlos Carrillo

The sweet dog is resting up and will be put up for adoption when he's ready. Carrillo states that he and his wife would consider adopting the pooch if he doesn't find a good home right away. A shelter volunteer told The Dodo:

His tail won't stop wagging. He's such a sweetheart.

Unfortunately, the culprit who did this to him might never be caught. But at least he's safe knowing no one will hurt him like that again.

Source: Peewee's Pet Rescue

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.And consider donating to Peewee's Pet Rescue, here!

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