Dog In Afghanistan Is Cured Of Heroin Addiction And Finds Perfect Home

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Nesha was taken in when she was just a puppy by a man who lived under Sokhta bridge. The area is renowned as a living space for people dealing with drug problems and it wasn't long before Nesha unknowingly fell victim to her owner's heroin addiction.In Summer 2016, neighbourhood kids began filming Nesha suffering withdrawals. She was said to be visibly intoxicated, rubbing her frail body against the bridge from being force-fed drugs.The video, which has since been removed, went viral and Nesha soon found herself launched into the spotlight with people nationwide finally discussing the country's opium epidemic. Desperate to save her, veterinarians from Nowzad, the country's only dog rescue, traveled down to the bridge to save her.One of the vets told The Dodo:

The owner did not want to give us Nesha at first, claiming she would get sick if she didn’t get her three doses of drugs each day.

Source: Nowzad

Despite being rescued, Nesha was still very much in danger as the vets had never before treated a dog with a drug addiction. It proved to be very challenging with Nesha showing serious withdrawal symptoms. She had to be put on low doses of pain medication to stop her knocking her head against the wall. This medication was administered three times a day in an attempt to wean her off the heroin.

Source: Nowzad

This was no easy process, with the sheer amount of drugs still in her system preventing Nesha from being able to walk. After a few months of rehabilitation, Nesha regained her strength and fought back against the addiction. She was also given a wheelchair to aid with walking while her back legs continued to recover.

Source: Nowzad

She was soon put up for adoption and it wasn't long before Nesha found a new home. Brock Ditto, of Burlington, Kansas, knew immediately that she was the perfect dog for him. He said to The Dodo:

I knew she needed to come to a good home and have people to take care of her after all that she had been through.

Ditto also had two rescued German Shepherd-mixes, Sis and Jax, which was perfect for Nesha who vets claim is very friendly and good with people and other dogs.

Source: Brock Ditto

The adoption was soon approved but things were far from settled. In order to reach Ditto, Nesha needed a plane ticket. This process is very costly and moving her from Afghanistan to the United States would cost around $4000.Nowzad decided to set up an online fundraising page and so far over $1000 has been raised. Ditto is so excited to welcome her into his home so he can show her all the love he has saved up for her. He said:

I can't wait to get her here and give her the attention and love that she should have had all along...we will do our best to make up for lost time.



Source: Nowzad

If you want to make a donation towards Nesha's plane ticket, you can do so here.

H/t: The Dodo

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