Dog Hit By Car Has To Drag Legs Behind Her Along The Streets


Xenia, a young mix breed hound, was hit by a car and left on the streets of Patras, Greece in early April.


Source: Youtube/The Orphan Pet

She suffered terrible injuries from the accident, including a broken spine, which has sadly left the dog paralyzed for life.Xenia was found in an industrial area of Patras, Greece, which is sadly full of neglected and abandoned dogs. Local volunteersfound the canine crawling in pain on the streets, unable to use her hind legs.


Source: The Orphan Pet

They took her to a nearby shelter where it was discovered that the dog had not only broken her spine but was also suffering from aperineal hernia and a large wound caused by dragging herself along the road, as the only way she could move.Luckily,Valia Orfanidoufrom The Orphan Pet, a Greek dog rescue organization, heard about Xenia's story and was determined to help the animal.


Source: The Orphan Pet

Despite all the hardship that the canine had endured, Valia described how she refuses to let life get her down on The Orphan Pet:

Xenia has a lot of issues making her life difficult, but she is not a quitter. In fact, she is one happy dog. I met her today and I fell in love. She loves strolling in her wheelchair, sniffing around the garden.

Once Xenia was healthy enough, she moved on to a foster home, where she lives with her foster mother, Linda. Now, the brave animal is getting all the love and care she needs, and even has her very own wheelchair to help her get around.


Source: The Orphan Pet

However, she is not out of the woods yet and still needs vital surgery for her perineal hernia.If you would like to help Xenia,visit her foster mother's YouCaring Campaign to find out more about her story and make a donation by clicking here.To find out more about Xenia's story, watch the video below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=196&v=cOIw_CfHIGo[/embed]

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