Dog Helps Bury His Best Friend In The Most Heartbreaking Show Of Respect

Andrea A.

In Buriram, Thailand, a family tragically lost one of their dogs after he was hit by a car at the end of February. While the family was busy burying their beloved pet, they were surprised to see their other dog lend them a hand. Using his snout, he threw soil onto his best friend's body and the family caught it on camera.


Source : Viral Hog

The pup stops and sniffs his friend one last time, before going back to burying him. This mysterious behavior quickly went viral on the internet after Mail Online postedthe story and it was shared more than 19 000 times. The comments and reactions of internet users prove the effect the story had. Thousands of people were heartbroken and moved by the scene. "Overall, I like most dogs more than most people," wrote one user.


Source : Viral Hog

Another user noted that he was not using his paws, but rather his nose to bury his friend. "Is this not a sign of respect? Dogs are fantastic."You can watch the full, heartbreaking video below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poKCRWmIWL4[/embed]Dogs can be very heavily affected by the death of their friends or playmates. If you are going through this difficult situation, we have some essential tips to help your grieving pup.

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