Dog Had Half Her Face Cut Off Because Someone Wanted To Eat Her


Teresa has experienced the worst in her life and escaped a true nightmare. This 2-year-old pup was attacked by an individual in Thailand in December 2016. The person was trying to cut of her head in order to eat her.She managed to escape, albeit with half of her snout completely cut off. She would be disfigured for the rest of her life.



Source : Michelle Weirich / Karen Quigley

As she was running for her life, Teresa was stopped by a a volunteer from a local shelter, who rushed the pup to the clinic. She needed extensive veterinary care, which turned out to be too expensive for the shelter to take care of.EnterMichelle Weirich and Karen Quigley, two women from New Jersey, who offered to take in the pup when they were contacted by the shelter. They promised to help her recover and to find her the best, most loving family available.


Source : Michelle Weirich / Karen Quigley

Michelle went all the way to Thailand to bring Teresa to her new home in America, and when she arrived, Karen would be her foster mom for the duration of her recovery. During this time, the womenstarted a campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for the dog's treatment.The women contacted thousands of surgeons across the country, explaining Teresa's sever injuries. They would have to first fix the nerve endings which had been destroyed, to pull out the broken teeth and to repair the nasal cavity and the tongue, before performing plastic surgery on the pup's nose.Karen explained:

She's a gorgeous dog the way she is. We aren't concerned with reconstructing her face for cosmetic purposes, we're only going the reconstructive route if it's for health benefits.

Source : Michelle Weirich / Karen Quigley

Thanks to their online fundraiser, Michelle and Karen have amassed nearly $7,000 to pay for the first few surgeries, as well as Teresa's trip to the U.S. However, the amount is still insufficient to cover all the treatment required.Veterinarians are most concerned about the exposed nasal cavity, which would prevent her from breathing through her nose, which is natural for dogs when they sleep. They reassured the foster moms:

We want to make sure, since she is so young, that she'll have a long, good quality life without trouble breathing. After that point, we'll know what else she needs. If she needs reconstruction, we will need to do a second GoFundMe, but we'll cross that bridge when it's necessary.

The priority for the moment is to give Teresa all the love and affection she never knew in Thailand while she is recovering and still very much traumatized. Karen said:

She's a happy girl and she doesn't know there's a thing wrong or different about her. This is just the beginning of her story, she's learning to trust people again and she's happy, so this is just the beginning.

LCA has made incredible progress in the fight against this horrifying industry. You can help support their vital work by making a donation.To sign the petition to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent dogs and cats, click here.Watch the full video below of the miraculous rescue:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckh-zNhRgsA[/embed]

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