Dog Goes Absolutely Wild With Joy When He Sees His Dad Again


If you've ever had a dog, you'll know all about that extra special moment when you come home and he's there to welcome you. He makes you feel like the best person in the world.Well, Mark was the lucky recipient of this when he came back from a week's holiday.


Source: @ScottishSPCA/ Facebook

His beloved dog Patch, a Staffordshire terrier, couldn't wait to see his parent once more! Mark comes through the door and he immediately leaps into his arms. He just can't stop wriggling, climbing all over his dad to give him sloppy affectionate kisses.Patch was adopted from the Scottish SPCA in May of last year, and it looks like the friendship between man and dog is going from strength to strength.It's proof that adoption is truly one of the best things you can do - he gets a new home and you get the most adorable ball of fluff in your life!Have a look at the heart-melting reunion here:

H/t: @TheDodo