Dog Given $4200 By Stranger After Being Left In The Snow


In December 2017, a seriously malnourished mastiff was rescued from a property in British Columbia, Canada.According to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the poor dog, named 'Handsome', was found "visibly shaking" after being chained up in the snow.He was said to be weighed down by a heavy chain with only a bucket of frozen water and a thin wooden doghouse nearby. The shelter also didn't have any insulation or bedding and was surrounded by ice.Eileen Drever, Senior animal protection officer for the SPCA said to CBC News:

He's so thin, his bones are clearly visible, [and] with very little to no body fat, the dog is unable to maintain its body heat...he's lucky to be alive.

Source: CBC News

Upon being rescued, Handsome was swiftly taken to the vet where he was given a score of one out a possible nine for body condition. Drever said "that is nowhere near healthy for any dog" and that his situation was "particularly shocking". His vet bills and rehabilitation costs were expected to be a hefty $4000.After hearing about Handsome's dire situation on the radio, Kyle Chester, a business owner also from British Columbia, decided to donate $4200. He said:

There's so many times you feel you can be charitable but then the moment passes.

Source: CBC News

SPCA spokesmanShawnEcclesdescribed the offer as "phenomenal" and "absolutely incredible." He added:

Our officers are out there doing our jobs and they'll always do it no matter what, but you do get disillusioned ... but this [donation] just reaffirms your faith in people.

Chester gave the donation in the hope that it would give the hard workers of the SPCA a much needed boost. He told of the SPCA staff, "these guys do so much...when all these volunteers hear about it, they feel vindicated and rejuvenated to carry on the fight against animal abuse."The charity said it will likely charge the person responsible for Handsome's condition with animal cruelty.

                                                                              H/t: CBC News

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