Dog Found Wandering In The Woods After A Month Is So Happy To Be Reunited With Her Human


A vet technician spotted her while she was camping at the Kading Campground in Montana, and it was obvious that she was in rough shape.


Source: KXLH/MTN News

Sandy, a 10-year-old Chow mix, was extremely emaciated, covered in ticks and feces. The woman immediately brought her to the Alpine Animal Clinic, where their first priority was getting her better.They shaved her down to rid her of the thick matted fur that covered her body and to assess the extent of the damage she had sustained.


Source: KXLH/MTN News

They determined that just a day or two more most likely would have killed her.The veterinarian took her blood work and put her back on a special diet to nurse her back to health.Their next priority was to find her human.The team posted a note on Facebookasking their followers to share the message in the hopes of finding Sandy's owner.The post was shared almost 5,000 times. A friend of the owner happened to see the post and alerted him that his missing dog had been found.


Source: KXLH/MTN News

The man had been staying at a deer lodge when Sandy had slipped away, and he was unable to find her.The reunion between the two was an emotional one.She lifted her tail for the first time since she had been found upon seeing her human, and he burst into tears.


Source: KXLH/MTN News

The sweet girl is safe and sound after her scary misadventure.You can watch a video about Sandy's rescue below: