Dog eats £100k crisp in heart-shaped Walkers competition


A pet owner has recently been left feeling heartbroken after discovering that a crisp they fed to their beloved dog may have been worth £100,000. Dravalo, a Reddit user, shared a video of their beautiful black Labrador eating a heart-shaped crisp three weeks ago. Little did they know that the crisp could have been the winner of the Walkers heart-shaped crisp hunt, which closed on March 20th.

The competition required people to purchase a pack of Walkers potato crisps and find a heart-shaped crisp. The person with the most heart-shaped crisps would win the £100,000 reward. Dravalo unknowingly fed their dog the potential prize-winning crisp, which was eaten without hesitation once given the command.

Writing on Reddit, Dravalo expressed their heartbreak, saying: “This video is from 3 weeks ago. Imagine my surprise today when I learned I fed my dog a potentially £100k crisp.” Many users responded with messages of sympathy and humour, with one person saying: “No thanks, that looks like a winning crisp to me. No, I can't eat that, it's worth a lot of money."

A worthy snack...

While the discovery of the crisp came too late for the competition, the story has garnered attention online, with people discussing the unusual situation. The video of the Labrador eating the heart-shaped crisp has gone viral, with many admiring the dog’s obedience and Dravalo’s love for their pet.

The story has also highlighted the odd and unexpected ways in which people can find themselves in a windfall. A crisp, an everyday snack food, could have potentially earned someone a life-changing sum of money. It serves as a reminder to always keep an eye out for opportunities, even in the most unexpected places.

Additionally, the situation brings up questions about the morality of prize-winning competitions. While it is unlikely that anyone intentionally fed their pet a heart-shaped crisp in hopes of winning the prize, it does raise the issue of how far people are willing to go for money. The crisp competition may have been harmless fun, but it is also a reminder that people should be mindful of how they participate in such contests.

Overall, the story of the potentially prize-winning crisp eaten by a dog is an unusual and humorous one that has captured the attention of many online. While the prize may have been missed, the story serves as a reminder to always be on the lookout for opportunities and to have a sense of humour when things don’t go as planned