Dog Dies After Being Dragged Behind A Car For A Mile And The Internet Is Outraged

The animal activist world in France is in shock and is mobilizing for justice after a tragic scandal made headlines. On February 1, a dog attached to a car was dragged for a mile in the North of the country. La√Įko was a 2-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and succumbed to his injuries soon after the event.


Source : La Voix du Nord

The driver's identity is still unknown. Another driver managed to stop the car behind which the dog was dragging. According to local news, the man loosened the dog from the car before the pup took "his final breath in his arms". The woman had by then jumped back into hercar and sped off.Police opened an investigation into this revolting act of animal cruelty.


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La√Įko was given to family last year when his former owners had their first child. "I loved La√Įko, he was a dear," tells the young mother:

I had always wanted a big dog. Either a Staff or a Rottweiler. And my pregnancy arrived. When he was 8 months old, he already weighed 35kg. All it would have taken was one bite... 

The young woman had found a family through Facebook:

It was a family from¬†√Čcaillon. We stayed in contact until September. It seemed things were going well with¬†La√Įko. He was a very kind, very friendly dog.

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La√Įko, a few months old. Source : La Voix du Nord[/caption]

More than 30 000 signatures for "justice to be done"

Animal protection associations stepped in, such as the Fondation 30Millions d'Amis and the localSPCA sued for animal cruelty. The suspect could face up to two years in prison and a $32 000 fine.A petition was also launched on the¬†to demand "justice forLa√Įko". Within two days, it had amassed more than 30 000 signatures. You can add your name by clicking here.

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