Dog Dad Calms His St. Bernard Down In The Cutest Way


Most dogs are afraid of something, whether it's fireworks, the hoover, or that one particular squeaky toy. For Lillie the St. Bernard, that something is the groomer, writesThe Dodo.Despite her large size, Lillie is absolutely terrified of going to the salon, meaning that her dad, Lee Asher, has to resort to lots of funny tricks to get the dog up on the table.

dog dad calms down st bernard

Source: Lee Asher

He told The Dodo:

I have to have a big treat in front of my face to follow me in or she literally will not go through the front door! She’s very strong.

But when treats don't work, Asher has to resort to more drastic measures - getting groomed right alongside his dog!

Source: theasherhouse/Instagram

To calm his petrified pup, the amazing dog dad decided to get his shirt off and let the staff 'groom' him, showing Lillie that there really wasn't anything to be afraid of.The people at the salon thought that it was hilarious to see a man getting a brush and blow-dry, for Lillie it was just what she needed to relax and let the groomer pamper her.

dog scared of groomers

Source: theasherhouse/Instagram

According to Asher, "she started playing a bit and gave me a kiss which was like a, ‘Hey, thanks for coming up here,'" so clearly she was grateful for her dad' goofy antics - even if the other dogs thought it was strange!

st bernard dog dad

Source: theasherhouse/Instagram

Lillie has five other canine siblings, all of them rescues. Soon, they and their dad will be setting off on a road trip to raise awareness about adoption and get 48 animals out of shelters and into loving homes, where they belong. You can support them by donating to their Kickstarter.You can also follow Lillie's antics on her Instagram account!Watch the adorable video of Asher and Lillie below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcvRc1ZgEaq/?taken-by=theasherhouse

H/t: The Dodo

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