Dog Chases Away Attacker Who Threatened His Human With A Knife

Andrea A.

On the night of May 23 2018, a brave dog showed exactly why he's man's best friend, as France 3 reports.His owner, a 23-year-old woman, decided to take him for a little night walk when she was approached by an alcoholic individual.

Source: The Dogist

The victim warned her attacker that her dog, a Boxer cross, could be dangerous if he felt threatened. The man nevertheless pulled out a knife and deeply cut the young woman's arm. The animal then threw itself into the attacker's legs, biting them and causing them to run away.As for the young woman, she managed to take shelter with one of her friends before being taken to hospital. Thankfully, her injuries weren't considered serious. The attacker is still wanted.

H/t: France 3